Hello, my name is Cornelius.

Full-stack Software Engineer.

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About Me

I am a Full stack Software Engineer who loves building products that help make the world a little better. Skilled in solving problems with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Nextjs, Node, Express, MongoDB.

A lifelong learner with interests spanning different disciplines. We can have a chat about psychology, philosophy, Economics, Physics, etc. I write about my learnings in my weekly newsletter here. When I am not writing code, you can find me listening to or making music. I occassionaly also write and direct short films/ creative projects. You can see some of my past projects here.

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Recent Projects

Here are some of my most recent projects and freelance work. View all projects Here


Full stack application with authentication built with Node, express, MongoDB and EJS.


Portfolio website for client built with HTML, CSS, Javascript.


Client website built with NextJS, Framer-motion and Tailwind CSS

cornelius owusu-ansah

Client site built with React/NextJS and Tailwind CSS

Blog Posts

Here are some of my most recent blog posts (Tech and Non-tech)

Binary Search

Binary search is a searching algorithm designed for sorted array or list. Binary search efficiently narrows down the search space by repeatedly dividing our search interval in half until we locate the position of the element we are searching for.

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A simple introduction to the MVC Architechture

The model-view controller is a way of implementing software design by diving it into components.In other words, it is a way of building software where you break down/separate the application into 3 logical components namely Model,View,Controller

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The Fear of starting anything in life

Most people have the desire to do great things in life however not everyone acts on this desire. One reason for this is our fear of making something lame. We are held back by the fear of our work not being good enough

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